Experience in the field of Industrial and Intellectual Property since 1972

De Simone & Partners, established in 2002 by Domenico de Simone, provides comprehensive assistance in all areas of industrial and intellectual property and, in particular, in the acquisition, exploitation and protection of trademarks, patents, design, copyrights and trade secrets.

In 2005, the law firm De Simone & Partners was formed to assist clients in litigation related to these matters.

The two structures bring together lawyers and patent attorneys who collaborate extensively with a global network of highly experienced intellectual property law firms and consultants. 

We assist both Italian and foreign companies operating in complex and constantly evolving sectors, such as mechanics, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food and agricultural business, software, engineering, entertainment, telecommunications, publishing, sports, etc.. We represent these clients in the Italian Courts and their specialised Industrial and Intellectual Property sections.

De Simone & Partners is recognised by the most prestigious international rankings as a leader in Italy in assisting companies operating in the biotechnology and life sciences sector.

With the help of a team of external consultants, De Simone & Partners provides qualified advice in the field of Cyber Security and Corporate Intelligence, particularly in relation to online counterfeiting and the theft of trade secrets.

Our Strategy

We invest in the knowledge of our clients' business and support them in personalised planning for the protection and exploitation of intangible assets, providing our expertise on filing strategies and on the feasibility of business projects, placing ourselves as a point of connection between the creativity of R&D and marketing and the most "conservative" legal function.

Secure communication and workflow

Timely, accurate and secure communication is of paramount importance in today's global marketplace. This is even more true in relation to the management of intellectual property, where time is of the essence, and is often the key element in the effective protection of rights.

Our technological infrastructure has the necessary tools to provide the highest level of legal service at all times and we consider reliability and availability to be the essential qualities for effective advice on intellectual property rights.

From know-how to show-how

The acquisition of an exclusivity is not limited to the rights over the final product, but has a fallout over the complete entrepreneurial area surrounding that product: the original idea, the research, funding, production, marketing. The real competitive edge is measured by the integration of all these "before-the-market" elements.

For these reasons, our Intellectual Property attorneys are more closely and better involved in Clients' initiatives, thus playing proactive role, providing strategic assistance on the feasibility and economic contribution of business projects, acting as an interface between creative R&D and Marketing functions and the more "conservative" legal function.

From cost accounting to profit accounting

A number of factors contribute to the cost of intellectual property. More sophisticated, more perceptive and more demanding clients, combined with larger and faster businesses, accelerate competition and determine the risk of investing in projects with profit margins that are difficult to achieve, given the ever-increasing costs of naming, branding and communication.

In-house legal departments, which also take care of industrial property, can move from cost centres to profit centres: ideas are not only incorporated into products but are also the subject of an exchange of value. Companies that implement these changes need to avail themselves of the technical-legal expertise of dedicated professionals, necessary for transforming industrial property management from a mere maintenance activity to proactive asset management.

From cost value to fair value

A dedicated team of professionals from De Simone & Partners, with financial and managerial skills, and with over ten years of experience in estimating the value of industrial property assets, is able to estimate with utmost precision the quality of intellectual capital to auditors and investors for a proper understanding and enhancement of assets.

Support to innovation

Sharing is an essential prerequisite for innovation and a resource to be exploited for the creation of lasting values. With the support of professionals in each sector, including engineers, biologists and chemists, De Simone & Partners provides complete and effective advice to inventors, by planning secure transfers of the results of scientific and technological research to the world of production, while safeguarding its competitive advantage.

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