The technical and technological aspects of an innovation are corporate assets and, as such, have to be protected.

Our patent attorneys provide inventors with assistance for obtaining the widest possible protection, both nationally and internationally. 

A broad patent portfolio may lead start-ups to achieve industry-leading positions, as well as provide well-established companies with ideal leverage opportunities. In order to achieve such results, it is of crucial importance to entrust attorneys who specialise in patents. 

Our attorneys work in close cooperation with inventors, engineers and developers (or legal advisors) in order to obtain more detailed analysis of an invention and its technology, so as to explore and make the most of all aspects of its innovation. This ‘front-loading’ process of enquiry enables patent attorneys to comprehensively define patent claims, draft patent applications with a full comprehension of the invention and prevent infringement. 

In addition to prosecution activities, our patent consultancy services include the following

  • Patent searches
  • Drafting and filing of patent applications 
  • Patentability opinions
  • Enforcement of patent rights
  • Opinions on patent validity
  • Patent licensing
  • Patent value assessment
  • Consultancy in matters of patent due diligence for merger and acquisition (M&A) operations
  • Purchase and sale of patents
  • Patent security
  • Complete management of patent portfolio


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