Counterfeiting is a phenomenon affecting almost all production sectors, from pharmaceuticals to the food industry, including electronics and consumer goods. Such phenomenon is increasingly facilitated by the use of on-line platforms, which allow counterfeiters to reach more and more consumers.

In the context of its anti-counterfeiting activity, De Simone & Partners assists Italian and foreign companies active in all relevant sectors, from fashion to automotive. In particular, we collaborate with customs authorities in suspending the clearance of alleged counterfeit goods, by facilitating their intervention. Such activity requires drafting and prosecuting national and European applications to be filed with customs authorities, in compliance with EU Regulation 608/2013, such procedures being fulfilled by our professionals. De Simone & Partners also provides legal assistance within the framework of criminal-law proceedings brought as a result of action taken by customs authorities or the police.

We regularly hold training courses for customs and police authorities throughout the Italian and European territories on behalf of our clients. 

With the support of investigation agencies, having accrued a considerable experience also in cyber investigation and security, De Simone & Partners carries out a deep monitoring activity of the market, also on foreign retail platforms.


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