The improper use of corporate data by a company's personnel or third parties for fraudulent purposes has increased exponentially over the last few years.  The transfer of data from paper to electronic form contained in a file, and the relentless development of technology in such sectors, has resulted in the need to analyse data by using forensic methods for the preservation and reproducibility of such activities on digital platforms.

De Simone & Partners, together with its technology consultants, provides digital forensics & cyber investigation services.  In particular we offer:

  • OSINT investigations on e-mail, websites and social networks;
  • Investigations using certified forensic software and hardware tools for freezing evidence, carving erased data, indexing digital evidence, analysis of registry, time-line, log and malware;
  • Corruption, compliance with laws and regulations, as well as with corporate policy and internal rules and regulations;
  • Phishing, unauthorized access and suspicious operations on accounting systems;
  • Targeted digital forensic activities, including for example, forensic e-mail tracking, acquisition of profiles from social networks or websites for defamation.  



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